Google Gadgets

We've developed a couple of gadgets that Google Homepage (aka iGoogle page) users might find useful. The first is a version of eBay Local (for US and UK users) and the second is an eBay search box where you can search items by category. Again US and UK versions are available.


Auctions near you

eBay Local is a new feature we are launching today which, given a zip / postcode, displays all nearby auctions on a map. This is useful for saving money because you can contact the seller to arrange a local pickup, thereby not having to pay postage and packing. Also good for bulky items like furniture or even to arrange test driving a cars.

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Most popular eBay auctions

Introducing another new useful feature! The Most Popular eBay Items section lists, by country and category, the most watched auctions and is helpful for finding out what things go for the most money and perhaps provide insights as to why that is...

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Realtime eBay auctions

A new tool called eBay Spy in now featured on this site. It brings you a live feed of auctions in all sorts of categories that are ending soon.

Comments and suggestions welcome! Just use our contact form.

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Hello eBayers!

This post is just to annouce the launch of this site, which aims to provide tools, tips and tricks to enhance your eBay experience - like finding what you want, making money and saving money!